I Switched

As many of us know, Blogger had a really tough day last Thursday, and disappeared for several, many hours. As it’s a free service, it didn’t seem quite fair to moan too much about our loss.

I’d been contemplating using WordPress. I have a “family” blog there and it’s been pretty easy to work with once I got the hang of it.

But another blogger issue pushed me even more. This past year, I have ended up in a “Next Blog Tornado.” It was so very exciting that one day when I checked my stats on Stat Counter and wow!! I was knocked over by the numbers. Tons of people reading my blog. Oh my gosh! Then I looked more closely. Every single “referral link” contained the words “next blog.” Even worse for those poor people, they were stuck in “next blog” la la land basically going back and forth between my blog and two or three others. This went on for months. I looked at support forums. I checked and redid my settings. Nothing worked. Then last month, it disappeared. I was back to my small group of readers (and I love each of you dearly). 

Then – last week, it (next blog) came back.

So I switched to WordPress on Friday. Nicest part, WP went right over and copied all my posts from Blogger and all my comments. Well, except for Thursday’s cuz it was still floating out there, somewhere. (I found it later – but the comments seems to be forever gone…)

Nice support at WP… I did have one question and so I emailed on their support page. One of their “Happiness Engineers” (their term, not mine) responded the next day with a note telling me how to do what I wanted to do.

I’m not suggesting that anyone switch. Blog platforms are like our insulin pumps or our methods of treating our own diabetes. You use what works for you.

I’m sure I have much more to learn – still gotta figure out this “tag” stuff. I’ll get there, eventually. And – if I’m stuck I know there’s help out there in d-blogger land.

3 thoughts on “I Switched

  1. I like WP better also. I ran mine on both for a little while in the beginning but liked it here better also. I like that they are constantly adding new themes. I set up a private “play” blog so that I can see what my stuff looks like with some of the other themes – they will also import all your stuff into that for you so that really helped. I like to read the forums sometimes because I have learned a few things there.

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