Take a picture!

Way back when, I had an Aunt Helen. She was my mother’s sister, never married. Aunt Helen took pictures, lots and lots of pictures. She scapbooked before there were scrapbooks. She showed up at every event with a camera. It was especially funny the time she used a Polaroid at my brother’s wedding – all through the ceremony – chunk, whirrrrrr as the Polaroid spit out the photos. It was hard not to giggle. She kept an album full of photos and stuff (postcards, notes, whatever) for each of her sisters and her brother. When she died, my cousin gave me our family’s album. In addition to the photos, newspaper announcements, postcards sent by my mom to her – there were also letters I’d sent her as a young child. And both our sons’ birth announcements. Fifty plus years of stuff. It was and still is pretty nice. .

I am now accused by my family, of being Aunt Helen, Junior.

I have taken photos since my first camera in 5th grade. And I have most of them.

I know you’re thinking, “Where is she going with this?”

Regrettably (or maybe fortunately), diabetes has added to the photo taking. New replacement pump last Saturday. Take a picture. At the endo’s office. Take a picture. First day on the pump (12/09). Take a picture. (The CDE said I was the first patient to take a picture.) (Oh, and that’s how I met Briley at InDpendence – we had the same CDE Trainer and she recognized her in the photo – small d-world, huh?)

Saturday, I got some ice out of the freezer – and a piece of ice stuck to my medical alert bracelet. Even my husband said, “Where’s the camera?”

And so, I took a picture.  It’s not a great photo but… oh well.

It’s the first time ice has stuck to the bracelet.

And just because I can, since this is my blog, here’s a photo of my Aunt Helen.
Left to right – my mom, my nana and my Aunt Helen. Yeah, I’m the baby.
Probably, Thanksgiving, 1952.
Aunt Helen would be so pleased to be on the INTERNET!

5 thoughts on “Take a picture!

  1. Yeah and now I’m Auntie Kathy with the camera.
    Gorgeous ladies. And look at the size of that turkey.
    I still get hard copies of photos. I jammed the machine at WalMart twice so now I go to CVS.

  2. You made me smile today with this post AND…you were such a CUTE baby! I love old photos. Blogging has made me more responsible about taking pix. I used to be horrible.

  3. I am “Aunt Helen” in my family! No one knows me without my camera in front of my face. I also scrapbook so I can leave a journal for my boys. There is nothing like looking through those books and remembering all of the times we’ve shared. So, we have yet another “common ground”. This was a wonderful post!!!

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