Too much stuff

So, a bunch of d-stuff arrived yesterday and today.
I took pictures. I know, you’re surprised…

The strips… dang, that’s a lot of boxes. It’s a 3 month supply. I try to stay ahead on these so I always have extra. I was so ahead that I was able to send some to Victoria a few weeks ago, for the tornado victims in Alabama.

The insulin. I pick that up each month at our local drug store (our ONLY local drug store). Ordering it online for pick up the next day makes it easy. I always mark each box w/ the month so I use the older ones first.

Aha!! Finally!! The IV Preps were replaced. That took awhile.

 Only thing yet to arrive are the pump supplies at the end of this month.

Guess it’s time to rearrange the supply shelf in the linen closet – yeah, the linen closet that is actually a diabetes closet.

And… Yippee! My one Lilac bush is blooming!

5 thoughts on “Too much stuff

  1. The Lilac bush shouldn’t be under too much stuff – you can probably never have enough blooms! It is always a chore getting all that stuff and making room and rearranging by date.

  2. This is a nice post. It makes me happy to see loads of supplies and a beautiful Lilac bush that I can almost smell just by looking at the picture. 🙂

  3. I need to mark my test strip boxes in order of expiration. When I came home from rehab I used some expired ones for over a month without thinking that I’d been away a long time.

  4. Help! I just got on the pump yesterday and don’t like it. I know I need to give it time, but I HATE having something attached to me. I don’t know what to do, I took it off last night before bed and am going to call my pump instructor later to ask her what I should do.
    Did you hate it in the beginning? Is it hard to get used to?

    Love your blog, just found you while searching for Type 1 bloggers!!


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