If, then

Way back in the early ages (the 80’s), we bought our first computer, an Apple IIe. Two young boys and games (Space Invaders & Gertrude’s Secrets & more…) and fun. But one of them wanted to know more. So we bought some programming books (really simple ones) and developed a few really simple games/routines for the Apple.

First thing to learn was “If – Then.”
If-Then  Statements: An if-then statement is just what the name says it is. It is a statement that proves if something happens then something else will happen.

I’ve thought about that “if-then” stuff as it regards diabetes. And you know what?
Diabetes doesn’t follow the if-then rules.

If you eat nutritious, healthy food, then your BG will be normal. Not always…
If you inject/pump your insulin according to the carb count, then your BG will be normal. Not always…
If you exercise regularly, then your BG will be normal. Yeah, not always…

If you find friends in the DOC world, then you will know you’re d-normal in spite of your ups and downs and all-arounds.
If you need a d-friend, then visit any d-blog. You will find a friend.

Thanks, Friends!!

And to add to our weekend fun – one son was visiting Minneapolis but south of that tornado. Other son was driving through Joplin, one hour after their tornado.
Gray hair, what gray hair?
If you have children, then you will worry.

5 thoughts on “If, then

  1. Ah, the If-Then really does not apply to Diabetes! Your statement was very illuminating. I think that’s why I get so frustrated. But you are so right about the d-friends on all the d-blogs!!! It’s so great to have the support when you’re dealing with all the “variables”.

  2. I remember those Apple if, then statements & you are right, they don’t apply to D! But the DOC one is so true (wasn’t there an if, true statement also?), those are the best friends to have!

  3. Love the last one. So true, so true.
    Beautiful here today. Rain expected this weekend. A friend and I plan to go to a rooftop restaurant for lunch on Sat. But we decided we also need to have a Plan B.
    I love it when the city empties out and everybody goes to their lake cabins.
    Apparently the tornado area is still in shambles. They said it was the worst one we’ve had in 30 years. And now there are scammers saying they’ll do tree removal, asking for money upfront, saying they need to go and get some special tool, and never coming back. The nerve.
    Have a nice weekend. I’m still lovin’ the comment posting ease…

  4. Yes, diabetes needs to learn the if – then rules, because it sure doesn’t play along!!!! Scary stuff about your son, glad to hear he is okay.

  5. Me again!!! I also wanted to leave a comment on your Saturday post from DBlog Week – but it doesn’t seem to have the little Leave a Reply section. (Either that, or I’m entirely burnt out from blog comments – LOL) But I loved your word verification snapshot!! Good thing you didn’t get one of the word verifications I got last week though – it was a part of the female anatomy and it made me BLUSH!!!! It was crazy!

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