Kerri & Karen, this is all your fault…

Remember when you found your first diabetes blogs? If you were like me, you sat there mesmerized by the words on the screen saying/shouting to yourself, “Oh my God, he/she knows what I’m going through!” As a newly diagnosed d-person, I didn’t have a clue what I was going through, but it sure was nice to find people who were at times, just as confused as me. (ummm, honesty here – I had to look up the definitions of basal and bolus…)

Then, you discovered the blog rolls/lists/friends. And OMG, there were more and more d-people to read. And then, you left a comment, or two, or more; and felt like you had found a new friend or two, or more.

And finally, you got up your nerve and started your own d-blog. Who would read it? Who would care? And… (yeah, you know what’s coming next), someone left you a comment. A friendly hello. A “yeah, me too.”
My first comment – way back on April 10, 2007…
Hi there – I saw that someone had come over to my blog via yours.  Nice to “meet” you!  I write a diabetes blog called “Six Until Me.”  I noticed you have it linked from your sidebar – thanks for that.  Welcome to the blogosphere!  I’d like to add you to my links, if that’s okay with you. I think your office celebrated your birthday perfectly.  I have loved sugar-free Jell-O since I was a little kid.  :) Good luck with your blog and I’ll be back to check out your new posts.– Kerri.

So, now you use some sort of blog reader or RSS thing (I haven’t figured that one out, yet) to keep up with your new friends because clicking on the link for every blog every day to see if there’s an update, gets old after a while. And you have this great list of d-friends (because yes, they’re now friends) and you enjoy keeping up with their ups and their downs of diabetes and also – life, marriages, babies, children, jobs, struggles, successes, etc…

And now we come to Karen. Who wouldn’t love Karen? She knits. She dances. She sings. She runs. She likes cupcakes. She’s married to that cute guy, Pete.


She came up with d-Blog Week. It was great fun last year and GREW this year!

There are a whole bunch of us out here in d-blog land! We are all types, all ages, all over the world. How cool is that?

Even better, I loved, loved finding new to me d-bloggers on Karen’s list this year. There are some very talented writers on the list! I could spend all day reading the funny, the sad, the outrageous, the day to day d-stuff. But, I don’t have that kind of time. So I plug along, keeping up with as much as I can, learning something new about diabetes every single day.

Thanks Karen, for your work in helping all of us find new friends in our d-world!

7 thoughts on “Kerri & Karen, this is all your fault…

  1. Yeah, I am amazed by the DOC. Funny how…when I started… I didn’t know about it really. I was just writing to let non-d peeps know what was going on in my home…and then it happened. The DOC enveloped me. xoxo

  2. Bwahahahahaha, my evil plan to eliminate all of your free time and give you a million and one d-oc friends is working!!!! 😉

  3. Because of Dblog week, I
    –learned new things about my friends
    –reconnected with some people
    –met new friends

    How much better does it get?

  4. I started my blog the same way and have enjoyed making many new d-blog friends! They have been so consistant in their support and have become so important to me. I also enjoyed meeting you through Karen’s blog week too!!!

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