Endo #3

I switched.

I did it.

And I think this is going to work out great!

I am now on Endo #3. My first appointment was yesterday. I’m seeing a CDE/APRN in that office. We spent over an hour going over my numbers and issues. It was wonderful. They even took my pump and downloaded it when I got there. Last one (Endo #2) wasn’t “into” that.

Even nicer, she’s a Type 1 D since age 11. I loved the way she spotted some of my areas of concern and we talked about changes before we made the changes. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m sorry she’s had D since she was 11, but happy that I found her.)

We discussed a CGMS and I’m going to check out the insurance coverage. Well, actually the salesperson will do that. All I had to do was sign my name and she’s going to have him (the sales guy) call me. She said he will do all the paperwork and he will contact her for any other needed info.

I owe this change to my insurance company as they were not paying for me to see a CDE about pump stuff. Endo#2 (also a CDE/APRN) didn’t do pump stuff. You had to go to the Diabetes Education Office for any pump stuff. I have great respect for the CDE I was seeing there but, I needed insurance to cover it. The Endo #2/CDE required that I go to the D Education Office for pump training, not an Animas Trainer. The bills for the visits they required were refused by Cigna and only after many phone calls and letters, were they paid by insurance. It wasn’t fun.

Oh – how did I discover the new CDE? The Animas Pump Trainer. She holds regular Ping support meetings that I attend. She’s the one who worked with me to find someone she thought I’d like to see.

Twenty four hours later… numbers are better. We changed my I:C ratio and one basal (early morning). I feel “reborn.” Between the new CDE and the DOC, I think I can do this.

So, thanks DOC, especially the KC DOCr’s (Barb, Bob & Jess) who encouraged me to switch. And… thanks for your encouraging comments regarding the switch. It made a difference.

And that’s what we do here in bloggerville. We make a difference. You never know who is reading and getting encouragement or feeling better because they don’t feel quite so alone. I know it works for me.

4 thoughts on “Endo #3

  1. This sounds like a fantastic visit Colleen. Which CGM are you going to try? Good luck!!! After a year of using Dexcom, I now feel blind without it. I utilize those trend arrows like nobody’s beeswax. xo

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  3. I wish you could see the HUGE smile on my face reading this post. As someone who saw a terrible endo for years without realizing how much better things could be if I switched, I firmly believe you have a RIGHT to an endo (and endo office) who is a great fit with you. And it sounds like have found the perfect fit. You CAN absolutely do this!!! I’m so proud of you!

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