You Can Do This

Listen up folks. Finding out you have Type 1 (LADA) Diabetes at the ripe (I’m NOT going to say old) age of 54 (one month before the 55th b’day) really, really stunk. Yes, I cried. Then I cried again at the grocery store trying to read those teeny, tiny nutrition labels. Then I cried again when I tried to eat some awful, carboardy, “low carb” bread.

It’s been one hell of a struggle. It’s been a whole lot of learning.

But I am doing this because I can do this.

Once you reach my age, you expect things to change. I did not expect diabetes, but then, who ever does?

I plan/hope/wish to have many years of life ahead of me (I sorta have to as there’s a lot I want to do, still…) and so not only CAN I do this d-stuff, I WILL do whatever it takes to stay healthy. I’d love to add wealthy and wise but don’t think that will happen…

I want all you younger people with d not to have to apply for a Joslin 50 Year Medal because diabetes will be cured and eradicated.

But for now, We Can Do This.

And I am doing this with gratitude to the people who are part of the DOC, Diabetes Online Community. I live in a small New England town. I haven’t found other D people to talk with. I have learned so very, very much by being part of the DOC.

Go watch some of the videos and read the blogs. Have some kleenex close by.

Thanks, Kim. What a wonderful way to share our successes and our struggles!

And yes, You Can Do This!

And yes, I still cry sometimes, just not as often…


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  1. Thank YOU – for your honesty; for your determination to live a good life with and in spite of diabetes, and for participating in the You Can Do This Project.

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