Well, that was easy…

I’m getting a Dexcom. This week. I’m in shock. I’m slightly petrified. I’m very excited! Hmmm, maybe that should be: slightly excited and very petrified…

Remember Endo #3? While at our first appointment on June 10th, I asked about a Dexcom. She thought it was a great idea and brought the paperwork in. She had me sign one place and said Dexcom would take care of everything else.

They did.

My favorite Animas Rep and Ping Support Group Leader (Hi Alycia!) called a few days later wanting the 30 day log. One problem. I had just gotten a new pump in May due to a faulty date thing on the old pump. So I wouldn’t have 30 days until the 17th of June. On the 17th, I got an email from Alycia, “Hey, get those numbers downloaded (uploaded?) so we can get going on this.

Using Diasend, I got the numbers up. Alycia grabbed them and last week, I got a call from Dexcom saying that they were starting the process.

Today, I got a call from Dexcom. I’m approved. And even better, my insurance company whom I tend to rant and rave about… is paying 100%. I’m in shock. Thank you Cigna.

When I asked about training, the Dexcom person said, “Oh, you’ll be fine. We send instructions and a CD and I know you can do this because you’re already doing great with your Ping.” Uh… not me. I’ve watched some of the videos (Watch THIS one!) the DOC has posted. I still think I’ll need help. Reyna, will you meet me at the border? There is a Dexcom trainer in the state, or in New England. I’ve met her and she will be available for my first attempt at this CGMing.

CGM’s are not covered by Medicare. No, I’m not there – yet, but – I’m a lot closer (a whole lot closer!) than most of you. That will be an issue that I’ll worry about later.

And finally, a thank you to all of you who had to FIGHT to get a Dexcom or other CGMS. I am very, very grateful that you fought the good fight and so, made it easier for those of us who came after you. You’re kind of like the “oldest child” in the family who has to be the first to get permission for anything. I am an oldest child, but not when it comes to this. So thank you all very much!

PS – I talked to my friend, Barb Campbell, today. Actually, I talked to her twice. First time I dialed her number by mistake. I have no clue how. After I apologized for my wrong number, I hung up. But then noticed that I’d called Barb. Duh… So, after I was done driving around and home. I called her back. We had a great time chatting. As many of you know, she’s battling breast cancer and doing that with grace, beauty and yes, some humor. She is the great DOC friend who arranged a “meet up” for me while I was visiting my son in Kansas City. I met Barb, her husband, Jon; Jess and her husband; and Bob. These friends were also a big part of my decision to find a new endo. Hugs to you, Barb!

PPS – just got an email from FedEx and it will be here Thursday. Woo-Hoo!

9 thoughts on “Well, that was easy…

  1. Woo Hoo! awesome to hear. Although I am jealous every time I hear about 100% CGM coverage that is not to say that I’m not totally happy for you. I’m glad you can get in on it.

  2. Congrats… I hope you love it as much as we do! I would love to fly out there and teach you all about it! Anything to get out of this stinkin’ Texas heat! Wait, how hot is it there?

    And, would you mind me bringing along my nursing 9 month old???

  3. You bet! If you need anything you can call and or I will meet you Colleen!!! I am so excited for you. There is a really good video about inserting a Dexcom Sensor on The Superhero and The Princess Blog. Here is the link http://onesuperheroandoneprincess.com/p/videos.html

    Let me know if you cannot access the video and I’ll post the link on your wall.

    Love the 100% coverage too!!! xo

  4. Congratulations Colleen! You will love it. Just so you know, some of the Medicare supplemental plans will pay for them. I am on Medicare because of being on disability and my plan paid for mine.

  5. Yay for the great news about the Dexcom!!! I just know you are going to love it!! And even though I have every confidence that you can do it – I do agree that ANYONE needs to be trained on a new CGM when it comes. It’s just not something we should be trying to do from watching a video. Crazy!!

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