Dexcom – Day One

The Dexcom arrived Thursday. I opened the boxes, gasped again at the insert thingie, put it on the table and read the book.

On Friday, we closed on my dad’s house. He died in 2009, it’s taken two years to sell the house. NOT the day to start with a new d-machine…

On Saturday, today, I decided this was going to be the day. Husband left to do the morning Saturday errands, which always includes a trip to the recycling center, aka, the dump. We don’t have trash pick up here…

So – took a shower first – not a totally free shower but one with just one thing stuck in my body (the Ping thing).

And yes, I did it. My hands have never, ever shaken so much.

First little push of the needle thing hurt like hell. Having read everyone’s blogs and watched all the videos, I knew it shouldn’t be that bad so, pinched the fat some more, shifted it a little and pushed the plunger. Well, shoot – not so bad. It’s in!

So there I am, with it in – can I figure out how to get the whole plunger thing off? – no, not at first. I have visions of driving to the ER for help to get this thing OFF of me.  Or, maybe I’ll just wear big t-shirts and no one will notice the huge plastic thing sticking out of my stomach? Except – I’m still shaky so probably shouldn’t drive to the ER (plus, I really hate looking stupid), I have to do this.

Yup, got it off. Got the transmitter attached. Waited my two hours. Did the two BG checks and wow! this is sooooo cool.

Numbers were fascinating to watch all afternoon. Yeah, I kept pushing the buttons to watch…

I have much to learn.

I think this is going to be helpful. I hope this will help me do a better job at keeping my BG more stable. I can’t believe I have another “thing” stuck in my body.

A very special, heartfelt thank you to the d-moms. I really wish I had a d-mom to handle some of this stuff. I don’t, but your posts and videos have been sooooo very helpful.

Any advice – hints will be appreciated!


7 thoughts on “Dexcom – Day One

  1. I want to be first to say — congrats! I too hate wearing multiple gadgets, but it does help. You did it! As in “You Can Do This!” 🙂

  2. Hooray! You did it! I’ll never forget doing my first insertion on Elise. My hands were shaking and Elise just sat there and said, “it’s okay Mom.. you can do it!”

    Glad you’re liking the dex!

  3. Congratulations! I knew you would figure out how to get it in. The best tip that I learned is to make sure you have a flatline for at least 15 minutes before calibrating. Remember quality, not quantity! I like the Flexifix tape to help keep it stuck – if the edges start coming undone, that can cause reading issues.

  4. Look at you!!! You did it – all by yourself!!! I could not be more thrilled for you! Welcome to the CGM screen addiction. I still have it – even three years later. 🙂

  5. You’re going to love it! I had another version a few years ago, and I hated it. This one is GREAT. I love how I can calibrate at any point and still have my numbers be thisclose. One thing that helped me was calibrating a little more often during my first 24-48 hours with a new sensor inserted. Also…if you ever get stuck with the inserter in you, just use a door frame to help get it off. I found that out by accident when I flipped around with it still attached to me and it popped right off. 🙂

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