Shake, shake – beeeeeep.

A new reaction from my one week old DexCom.

“Initializing” What the heck?

Checked the blogs. I’m not the first person this has happened to, so I didn’t panic.

But – it just did it again. What a pain. How unnerving!

Sooo, I called DexCom and a new receiver will be sent.

And here I was, so proud of myself for my first week! The tape has stayed stuck. And for the most part, my meter and Dex haven’t been too, too disagreeable with each other. Had one night of low (70’s) alerts – wonder if I’ve been sleeping through those? I stopped worrying about leaving it on my desk when I go to another office or part of the church. Missing one or two dots on the graph isn’t so bad.

Karen welcomed me to CGM screen addiction. Yup, that’s me, at least for now…

Last Sunday we had visitors to our yard…

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And no – nobody is feeding them. We live in the woods and so do they. But, I’ve put a bell out on the deck so if/when they come back, I’ll use the bell to alert them to LEAVE.

5 thoughts on “Initializing!

  1. If you are going to be addicted to something, it is a lot cheaper than gambling or drugs (not to mention, healthier)! My first receiver was replaced pretty fast also but it was a battery not staying charged issue.

  2. I’ve had mine for about four months and just had to get a replacement. It had a hardware issue, but they overnighted me a new one. I was lost for the entire day without it. Haha. You become quite reliant on it! Congrats on the new Dex though!

  3. WoHooo for you…and those bears are scary!!! Good idea with the bell.

    We have needed one receiver replaced due to loss of alarms (it would only vibrate). They were wonderful about it.

  4. LOVE THOSE BEARS…I mean I love them in YOUR yard. I love seeing pics of them…my mom gets bears too, and I love her bears. I do not want my own bears 🙂

    We haven’t needed a replacement yet, but she also doesn’t wear it all the time either.

  5. Bad receiver already? Well, I guess it was bound to happen, since everything seemed to be going too smoothly. 😦

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