Dex Insert #2

After my “initializing” episode on Saturday, the DexCom seemed to die a lingering death over the next several days. I really wanted it to go longer than the 7 days but I barely made it to 10. Oh well.

Even more interesting. On Tuesday I spoke with a DexCom rep who told me, no, they’re not sending a new receiver. That the “initializing” is not that big a deal. I asked why I couldn’t find info about it in the manual and she said, it doesn’t happen that often. Anybody else have it happen?

So on Wednesday (I don’t Tweet so you have to read this all at one time…), I changed it. My hands didn’t shake near as much, actually, hardly at all. I watched another video that included some helpful hints. (Bill – 1HappyDiabetic) And I shot it in!

It’s working great. Numbers are close. It woke me up at 4am to tell me I was at 200 – no idea why but, tested at 190 something, fixed it and woke up at 6am at 123.

The DexCom case is driving me nutso. Any advice? Please??!! And yup, I have the skin thing but – the Dex rep said that may have caused some static and so – the initializing… The black case, although nice, flops all over the place. I work and feel like I’m beginning to look kind of cyber…

Next question – for those of you who are putting the receiver on your upper arm. Can you do that by yourself or do you need one of our infamous Type 3’s to help?

4 thoughts on “Dex Insert #2

  1. I am glad that the Dex is working great for you. I didn’t like the clip on the black case so I had my brother take a hacksaw and cut it off for me. After he did that, a friend of mine asked her husband to cut of the clip on her daughter’s case. After he looked at it, he asked her for her sewing kit and pulled the threads out.

  2. We had a receiver that did the initializing thing over and over. They sent us a new one because eventually it died on us. It happened when Elise would go down the slide at the playground (which would cause the static build-up). But I’m assuming that’s not why yours is doing it…

  3. Oh for pity damn sake. Not in the instx manual because “it doesn’t happen that often”.
    It is so wonderful that you have access to an entire community who can problem solve and offer ideas.

  4. Oh, geez, no new receiver after all? Well, okay, as long as it’s working really well for you. I wish I had answers to you questions, but since I’m on the MM system I have no Dex advice. 😦

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