About last night

I spent the entire night in the 200’s. Not good. And yes, I was close to that when I went to bed but had enough IOB (insulin on board) to take care of it, according to the Ping.

And yes, I’m guessing I slept through the DexCom’s beeps and vibrates. Well, that’s stupid, there’s no guessing. I did sleep through it. I guess I need to do something. Uh, what? I’m thinking maybe a metal bowl of full of marbles to set on the nightstand with the DC sitting in that big bowl of marbles. (Of course, I’ll do my best to find BLUE marbles.)

I woke up at 4:30am to go to the bathroom. Pushed the button on the DC, saw the number, gasped, looked at the graph, gasped, tested, gasped, hit buttons on the Ping and stayed up. One hour later, no change, so did some more insulin. More testing, more buttoning and at 7:30am, pulled the inset and put in a new one. Inset looked fine. Within 30 minutes I’m dropping (well, I’m not – thank goodness – but the BG number is).  The day didn’t improve all that much and until this afternoon when I came home, I saw nothing under 130.

I’m guessing it was just one of those nights/days where diabetes just wanted to show me who was boss.

Now – time to admit my stupidity… I didn’t realize there was a snooze thing on the DC. Well, I sort of did but – didn’t use it (obviously). I have just set it and hopefully, it will work until I find a big metal bowl of blue marbles. (try to say that fast 5 times). (It’s easier than “rubber baby buggy bumpers”)

From the FAQ on Dexcom…
What is the snooze feature?
After being alerted for a high or low blood sugar the snooze feature will enable you to have the option to be alerted again if you are still above or below your target range after a user-selected amount of time. For example, if you went above 200, were alerted, you acknowledged the alert, and you are still above 200 an hour later (with a 1 hr snooze alert set) it will alert you again. It works much like the snooze feature on an alarm clock.


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  1. Don’t forget the snooze won’t work if you sleep thru the alarms! I have a horrible time hearing them at night. I set my alarms to remind me every 30 minutes thinking if it went off more thru the night, I would hear it – didn’t work! A friend of mine bought her daughter a bed shaker that they make for the deaf – she swears it works but the dog won’t sleep in her daughter’s room anymore. I will try & find the post on TuD that she talked about it.

  2. Ugh, I had the same problem last night!!! For some reason I was stuck in the 200s all night long, even after correcting. (Although my CGM woke me up once an hour to let me know.) Weird thing is, around 5 am I finally started coming down and ended up with a happy 97 by breakfast. No site change or anything. Weird, huh? Must just be diabetes messing with both of us!!

  3. Hi Colleen, We tried everything before the Sonic Alert, and the metal bowl with marbles or pennies doesn’t work. The bowl interferes with the signal! Kelly said that you needed more info on the system that we use, so here that is why I am commenting. I ordered from Amazon, they have the best price on it. The Sonic Alert SB1000ss is the clock with the bed shaker. It is about 60 bucks, free shipping. The other piece is the Sonic Alert Baby Cry Signaler, and that is 43 dollars. The two pieces come from different places, even though they are made by the same company, so you may not get them on the same day. You can use the bed shaker part, or not. We use it at home, but not when we go away in our RV. At first she woke up to the bed shaker and then she started to ignore it and it does stop. So, we turned on the alarm clock part, and chose the sound and the volume that we thought was best. The clock is across the room, so she HAS to get up to shut it off. It will not stop on it’s own. We marked the dial so that she knows how where to put it to reset it once she turns the dial to shut it off, otherwise it would be easy to turn it back on and have it too low of a volume. You do need and extension cord for the baby alert part, because it is made to plug into the wall outlet itself, but you want it on a table next to your bed with the Dex next to it.

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