Great Blog Ideas (none here…)

I often come up with/think of some really great blogging ideas while driving to work. Then I work and, the ideas are gone.

Cousins – a whole bunch of them – rented a nearby lake house this past week and so, we were there for dinner each night. It was wonderful fun, far too carby, but I did ok, considering. Last night we brought over dinner and dessert. So I knew exactly what I was eating except for the French Silk Pie… I had a small piece and gave it 50 carbs. By 11pm, I knew that 50 had been too much. Ate some ice cream, (very small amount with no bolus) went to bed, woke up this morning at 130. Not bad. And DD (damn dexcom) didn’t beep once through the night! Yay!

Same pie this afternoon – knocked it down to 35 carbs. And, yeah, you know what? No surprise… Didn’t work – shot right up to 200+ and stayed there for awhile, even with two corrections.

Blue skin for the DD arrived this week. I keep leaving it behind but – it’s easier to see/find when I go looking for it.

Lorraine over at This Is Caleb sent me some “remove” stuff. Wowee, zowee!  No more gray goop stuck to my tummy after pulling off a DD! Thanks, Lorraine!

DexCom sent me an email last week wanting me to comment on my DexCom training. Ummm, no training. They called this week and left a message on our answering machine giving me a number to call if I have any questions.

Bill from Endo#3 for my June appointment arrived this week…
Diabetes is not cheap…
Note – this was my first appointment at this office and it was a great appointment.

5 thoughts on “Great Blog Ideas (none here…)

  1. I use olive oil to remove old site gunk. Works like a charm, learned it from my mother!
    Also, I get blog ideas driving to and from work also, if they are good enough I make a note in my phone.

  2. I agree with Wendy, keep trying with that pie!

    Sometimes I will have a good idea before I go to sleep and it is gone by morning. I hate that!

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