When will I ever learn?

Highs, all weekend, I’ve had ’em. DD (darn DexCom) has been rumbling and tumbling all over the place.

Friday – new inset and insulin (well, the end of a vial).
Friday morning b’fast – 16 carbs of yogurt. By lunch – 220. Huh?
Saturday – new DD sensor.
And DD’s going nuts – I’m positive DexCom is wrong but, when confirming with the meter, the bg is high. I’ve done a lot of confirming. My fingers are sore…
After a whole day of corrections, I changed just the Ping inset last night. It had been hurting but, when removed, it looked fine.
And yeah, DexCom woke me every now and then throughout the night.
This morning, Sunday, more highs, kept correcting and finally it’s down, but not for long…

So this evening, when DD beeped some more and was right, I did a pen injection and duh, bg went down. So I opened a new vial, filled a new reservoir, primed out the old insulin from the tubing (every now and then my brain does kick in) and have my fingers (slightly bruised after 2 days of ultra pricking) crossed that this is/was the problem.

As you know, the d can be just a tad frustrating…

And of course, I have my appointment with the endo’s office this Friday…

I’m sure she’ll think I’m nuts. Oh well… I’ll just bring her a copy of this post, maybe…

I really need one of our smart d-moms to take over for me! Adoption anyone? Reyna, you’re the closest…!!!???

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4 Responses to Finally…

  1. Sara says:

    The checklist when problem solving is just so long!

  2. Kelly Booth says:

    I agree with Sara, that list is pretty long of the stuff you need to check. And of course, it is always the last thing you try!

  3. Reyna says:

    I will totally adopt you!!! However, you saw what a craptastic job I did for poor Joe on Saturday…LOL. We have our endo appt tomorrow. I.AM.NOT looking forward to it. I think the anxiety of that adds to my disdain for the outlying numbers that have been gracing the glucometer screen.

  4. Man, Colleen – you are on information overload and problem-solving stress.
    Most people seem to love the Dexcom, once the dust settles.
    Have a good week.

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