Treadmill, what treadmill?

I have a confession to make…

We sold my dad’s house during the summer, closed on it the first week of July. Since that time – all of the “dad’s house stuff” has been in our guest bedroom. The bedroom where the treadmill lives. Boxes and boxes and lots of stuff on the floor, with pillows and other bedding stacked on the… treadmill.

I haven’t been on it since June…

So, since it was raining – and since I know I have to get back on the machine – and since IΒ can’t stand looking at the chaos in that room. I sort of cleaned it up today. I bagged up stuff to go to the dump (no trash collection here). I boxed up stuff to give to my brothers and sister. I put away some of it. I put the rest of the boxes in a storage room and will face it all later.

Tomorrow – back on the machine. Hmmm, guess I better charge the iPod so I’ll have some walking music!

Hi Hillary!

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