Symlin-A 24 Hour Report

I did it. Took 30mcg of Symlin last night before dinner. No nausea. Counted carbs, ate dinner, skipped the bread, Pinged in 2/3 the insulin for the carbs eaten.

This has been an incredible blood sugar day.

Woke up with 116 – and was awed by the Dexcom graph… no dips, no bumps, all night long. Very, very strange for me. All day long, (except for 2 Hersey’s nuggets…), it has shown me to be 80 – 120. Even after breakfast and lunch. I did not take Symlin at b’fast or lunch and I only ate half a turkey sandwich and some potato chips at lunch. It did get as low as 70, just as I was eating lunch.

We’re going out to dinner tonight (Yay! A night out!) and I’ll take the Symlin pen with me and will see if it works two days in a row.

With thanks to Scott, Hannah, Sara and George for their encouraging words…

And to my CDE who spent some encouraging time on the phone with me last Thursday.

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