I Have to Pack

Had a post all set for today but, the eldest son called last night and offered to fly me out for a visit with him in California, for the weekend. So I decided to save the other and let you know that I’m off to California – think I should wear a flower in my hair?

I said “Yes, thanks!”

I’m determined to get everything into one small carry on bag. It won’t be easy but I’ll try.

This is the son who began his interest in computers with an Apple IIE, a very long time ago. Somewhere… I have a picture of him (somewhat toothless…) when he solved the game, “Gertrude’s Secrets.” I still remember the excitement of the first computer in our home. And today, it made me smile.

4 thoughts on “I Have to Pack

  1. My dad was part owner in several computer chain stores in the early/mid 1980’s. There’s a picture of me playing some game on an Apple IIC – I wish the photo quality was better to share.

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. I can’t write what I first thought about the “one small bag” since it is No D-day, but good luck getting everything in that one small bag! I am sure since you are determined, you can do it. Enjoy your trip!

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