Well, that was fun!

I am totally and completely exhausted. The trip to Oakland/San Francisco to visit our son was fabulous. I had a great time, he was an excellent tour guide and I’m still surprised that I (who, me?) flew out there for a two-day trip. (And yeah, so was the son – surprised. He never actually thought I’d take him up on the offer.)

Mis-timed one chore. I ended up changing the Dexcom sensor on Friday morning, before I left for the airport. I should have done it Thursday but, didn’t. I still have to have the instructions in front of me when I insert it but, I’m getting better. I even thought about how I was getting pretty good at this (big mistake). Shoved it in – no problem. Got the transmitter placed and – blood everywhere, just dripping right on down. It really was more of a flow. Not good. Well, damn. Pulled it, slapped on a band-aid, and got another sensor. Moved it up a few inches and shoved it in. Got ready to put the transmitter in and yup – more blood. Well this is ridiculous! You’ll be happy to know that the third one worked but what an ordeal.

This afternoon I called Dexcom, just to see if they had any advice. No advice but they’re replacing both sensors. Wowee Zowee! I know that they replace them when there’s a problem. I didn’t think my issue would count as their problem. I’m impressed.

Traveling with Dexcom was wonderful. “Why, yes, thank you Southwest Airlines, I’d love a package of cookies.” Traveling with diabetes is really not fun. But you know that. I have no problems with testing wherever I am but scrunched in a small airplane seat with someone you don’t know sitting very close, makes it difficult. Packing up enough d-stuff for 4 days equals enough d-stuff for at least a week. But you know that.

Next stupid trick…
On Saturday we did the tourist thing and had a great time. Rode BART, cabs, buses and walked and walked and walked. Went to the piers, the science museum, the art museum (Picasso was there). No d-issues and I was lucky because… I didn’t take anything with me in my purse other than my meter. Duh. What if the pump failed? What if the Ping inset fell out or got ripped out?  It was pretty stupid of me. I work five minutes from our home and so, I’m really not used to bringing everything with me. I keep a pump inset in the car but, usually I’m not that far away.

On Sunday, (yes, I brought extras) we did the cable car ride, a double-decker tour bus ride, shopped around Union Square. And I bought a new and bigger purse to carry all that stuff. I truly felt like the country mouse visiting the city mouse… People watching is a lot more fun in San Francisco than in our small NH town.

I went ahead and opted for the pat down. It wasn’t so bad. The TSA people were very nice. I love it when they ask, “Have you done this before?” Ummm, yes. Last spring, my Ping started losing the date. No big deal, right? The Ping rep said, “No, it’s a big deal. Get it replaced.” so I did. I had flown to KC in March (yeah, a little early for Simonpalooza…) (Click on the link and read how important our DOC connections are…) and went through the machines at the airports but still ended up with pat downs. The KC airport was the only one where the Ping didn’t make the machines beep. But, I’m not in the mood to replace another pump and so – the pat downs. Loved it when Dexcom decided to let me know I was low, while it was sitting on the table during the pat down (beep, beep, vibrate, vibrate). TSA person was a little un-nerved… (So was I…)

I have lots of photos but – this will always be a favorite because… it was 4am on Saturday and this east coast person was WIDE awake in California. The view from my hotel room in Oakland. Oh well…



6 thoughts on “Well, that was fun!

  1. Love San Francisco! (When I visited with my parents at age 7, it was when the cable cars were undergoing serious restoration, so I was thrilled to jump on the touristy things when I was back four years ago.)

  2. I’ve never been to San Francisco, but I am excited to go there (hopefully soon), and your post made me extra excited about it. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you had a blast…and BUMMER on the “gushers”. Good to know that Dexcom will replace the sensors! I never would have thought to call on that. We have only had one since Joe started CGMing.

    Welcome back to New England!

  4. -Colleen, I haven’t done a lot of traveling, but did get to SF in 1980. What a magical city! I remembering paying $6 to take a tour of Haight Ashbury, when all it really was was the chance to have our pictures taken by the street signs at the intersection. (I’ve gotta get a scanner so I can put some of those old pics up).
    Glad you had such a nice getaway.

  5. My favorite city!!!! Glad you are well these days!!!! Was wondering why I hadn’t seen your posts on my dashboard (but it’s been tres crazy here and now I know why!!!! I’ll be fixing my ‘follow’ list post haste

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