Traveling with D

We’re on the road, have been cruising the highways and byways for the last week with one more week to go. We’re having a great time but as you know, damn d is always, always present.

Traveling on the Garden State Parkway is never much fun. Add rain and darkness, and lots and lots of cars. Then add a low bg. Dexcom beeped. I was driving and the traffic was horrendous. Exiting was not an easy option. (I wasn’t below 70.) Ate some skittles (I still really don’t like them) – drank a juicy juice and was good to keep going. Oh yeah, we’re also driving a new car and we’re still trying to figure it out. Add a new navigation system that kept trying to take us off the parkway (fixed the settings the next morning).  Are we having fun yet?

Eating out has been a challenge. We don’t want an iPhone but – hauling the Calorie King book in my purse is getting old (and heavy). (Yup, even with the new San Francisco purse that can carry a kitchen sink.) We stopped for the night at Exit 7 on the NJ Turnpike – and had a wonderful very late supper at a diner. (There were several police officers eating there so we figured it had to be good.)

We got to Nags Head on Friday afternoon and spent a delightful couple of days with good friends. They’re not d-experts by any means but they asked questions and were good about working around any menu needs/changes/etc… (Yes to Diet Pepsi, and thanks-I’ll just have a small spoonful of your delicious mashed potatoes…)

Betsy and I were off to Richmond to do some shopping at Short Pump for two days. Just a girlfriend trip. Betsy asked what an emergency would look like and what to do. I showed her the glucagon and gave her very basic directions (I’ve never used it…) but basically told her – just call 911.

On Thursday, M and I went to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. (And tonight I read on Facebook that Lee Ann was there the day after – well, darn. I would love to meet Lee Ann.) The museum is amazing, saddening, maddening, exasperating and awesome. Shortly after starting our walk through, Ping sang a song and yup, low battery. I had a battery with me (aren’t you impressed??!!). So I went to the restroom area and did the changeover. (So much fun re-priming a pump, sitting on a bench.) As I sat there, I wondered how many people died of diabetes during the Holocaust time. It made me cry… There’s some great info at A Sweet Life about that…

BUT – We enjoyed, loved meeting Crystal – finally! She has been a good friend since I started d-blogging and a HUGE support to me. She’s working in DC now and was able to “metro” over to the museum cafe and meet us for lunch. It was a short but very wonderful opportunity. And it was great!

Cuz we’re home…

I carried one extra bag with just the d-stuff. I probably could have done with less but I’m a worrier so – brought too much.

One thing I didn’t have was addresses or phone numbers. Karen, I’m pretty sure we drove through your town and it would have been nifty to meet you. But we were in the car and had no way to figure it out. Next time…

Don’t forget to haul those blue shirts out of the dresser or closet and wear them on Fridays this month. Maybe someone will ask you a question about diabetes!

My postcard is almost ready to mail!


7 thoughts on “Traveling with D

  1. Your Diabetes Awareness Month header looks fabulous!! Thank you so much for adding the postcard image!

    My pump has been beeping with a low battery alert since last night, and I don;t think I even have a battery in my house. The fact you had one while at a museum while on vacation is that much more impressive! Definitely a bummer we missed each other in DC, but we’ll meet eventually. Glad you got to meet Crystal though… she’s a gem 🙂

  2. Sounds like a whirlwind of a trip! I used to live in the DC area…wish so badly that I could go back for a visit….one day….

    Let me know when you’ll be driving through Phoenix 🙂

  3. WOW girl! You have been busy. So cool on the “D” meet-up with Crystal and really… You are an inspiration. Love you.

  4. Sounds like a pretty fantastic time! way to go!
    and Crystal is a real special d-love. She helped me emotionally a lot when I first got into blogging.

  5. I really like the new header too. Keeps things fresh and bright.
    I am already thinking of which blue shirts to wear on Fridays (and of course, Friday is one of my dialysis days).
    I’ve had a couple of friends who visited the Holocaust Museum and said it had a profound effect.

    Did you get any of that snow? Nothing here yet (knock wood). Getting a bit cooler each day, but still sunny blue skies – just the way I like it.

    Have a great week ahead, sister.

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