I did it. I’m nuts. I signed up for NaBloPoMo.

I barely post once a week. Every day? Yup, I’m nuts.

About the header. You know, that collage of photos up there at the top.

The Big Blue Test is a little different this year.
The Big Blue Test is a diabetes awareness program started by the nonprofit Diabetes Hands Foundation, that takes place every November leading up to World Diabetes Day on Nov. 14. The campaign reinforces the importance of exercise in managing diabetes. People with diabetes are encouraged to do the Big Blue Test any day between November 1 and November 14 at midnight Pacific Time, by testing their blood sugar, getting active, testing again, and sharing the results online at

This is Lee Ann’s project to connect more of us with each other. Last time I checked, she has almost 500 of us signed up to exchange postcards via “snail mail.” My postcard is made. I have the name and address of my recipient and will mail it this week.

World Diabetes Day is Monday, November 14th. If we don’t talk about the d, then who will?

This is a favorite. The shirt is on Bernard Farrell. This was at my first, very first D-Meetup. It was awesome. I wasn’t even on insulin yet. My husband drove with me to Waltham, MA to meet other d-people.  What a nice group of people! Everyone was happy to show me their pumps. Everyone was happy to welcome us. It was wonderful! I met some incredible and nice people! Here are the d’s that were there.

Top right photo on the header – that’s me…

Blue Fridays – wear a blue shirt on Fridays in November. That’s simple. Almost all of us own a blue shirt. So wear it! And if someone asks you about it, then tell them!

And for a great post on WDD – go read Kelly’s post!

And finally – notice the font is BLUE!

2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo

  1. At least when we get locked up for being crazy, we won’t be alone! Love your new header & blue font. I meant to change my background to blue and totally forgot to do that. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. You’re a step beyond me..I haven’t even started my postcard project yet. This is going to be a very exciting month, that’s for sure!

    And your header is very cool, very diabetes themed.

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