The D-Moms & D-Dads

NaBloPoMo – Day 2

The parents of children with diabetes are phenomenal.

I’m doing the lazy thing today and suggesting you take the time to visit a couple of their blogs. They’re a formidable group!

I was never a child with diabetes. I did not have a child with diabetes. I found the parents when I was first diagnosed at age 55. They were asking the same questions that I was asking. They had answers, suggestions and support and I learned so much.

I’m still learning and sometimes I can even offer advice (not that often…)!

When you get some time, visit a few of the parent blogs. They’ll make you smile and give you hope. They will also give you strength to endure and even better, fight for a cure.

One other thought… my applause goes to the parents my age (and younger!) who have raised such healthy adults with diabetes, without the instant messaging and immediate answers that computers offer. If you grew up with d, please take the time to thank your parents for giving you such a wonderful life. You’re lucky!

And finally, I started using a Dexcom in July. I watched this video over and over before doing my first insertion.
Superhero Dexcom CGMS Insertion

These are just the ones I attempt to keep up with on a somewhat regular basis.  There are lots and lots more.

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