I love chocolate. Expensive or cheap, I love it. It’s my downfall when it comes to diabetes. I have a co-worker who keeps a small jar of Hersey’s miniatures in her office, just for me. She barely touches it as she’s working on weight loss (and having great success). So there’s a jar there for me. It’s awesome. Usually about 2 in the afternoon I need something and chocolate is that something. Nicest thing about the miniatures, they’re about 5 carbs each! Two o’clock is a good time to test and see what lunch has done to my BG and then bolusing for 10-15 carbs (2 or 3 pieces). I take bites, not many, but I hardly ever pop the whole thing in my mouth.

Nutrition Information
Serving Size:                     5 pieces (43.00 g)
Total Calories                   210
Total Carbohydrate             25g

This week, someone gave this same co-worker a bag of Lindt Chocolate Truffles. They didn’t know she is dieting… Oh, yum. Carbs – the same 5g each. These are so yummy and one of these totally fulfilled my chocolate wish for the whole day.

I can still sing the Nestle’s Chocolate commercial…

And, just so you’ll know… looking for commercials on YouTube is a BIG mistake. I could spend hours there just smiling!

Have a good week everyone. I’ll be back tomorrow with more for NaBloPoMo!

I know, you’re really excited.

2 thoughts on “Chocolate!

  1. I always thought of chocolate as a nice low carb treat. A lot of the people in the Flatliners group eat Lindt chocolate – I am afraid to try them (yet another food to add to my “I need” list!).

  2. Must…resist… (post-Halloween sale) mini Snickers bars. (oh well, I give up) Yum, chocolate-it’s the perfect little afternoon (or “bg boosting”) snack.

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