Half a banana?

My treat at breakfast this morning was half of a banana along with my usual two sausage patties. I normally have applesauce or yogurt but – today I was going to have a banana, well half of one. I even weighed it on the scale. It said 18 carbs. I thought that was too many but I went with it.

I sliced it up into small pieces and enjoyed every small bite.

By 10am ole dexcom was going nuts and saying I was over 200. Well, I knew it was wrong. How could I be 200 after eating just half of a banana? AND bolusing for it?!

I really hate using a test strip just to prove to dexcom that I’m right and it’s wrong but I did test. And rats, dexcom was right! Ping didn’t suggest a correction so, I didn’t correct.

By 11:15, I was 88.

This is ridiculous.

But that’s what’s been going on the last few days. After almost every meal I’m flying higher than a kite – yes, it’s before two hours but I don’t usually do that. I’m at the end of my bottle of insulin and this is the one that went traveling with us in October.

Guess I will switch to a new bottle that hasn’t been up and down the east coast in a cooler/hotel fridges/friends’ fridges.

This is when I’m glad I’m not a kid with d. I can just hear my mother.
“Are you
sure you haven’t been sneaking Kit Kat bars from your Halloween goodies?”

5 thoughts on “Half a banana?

  1. oh i love halloween goodies!! my husband bought boxes of them after halloween. i told him he wasnt being very diabetic friendly. he just laughed and said “i bought them for lows 8) ” to that i say “smart man LOL!”

  2. Some foods do that to me in the mornings when they don’t phase me at other times of the day. I drink a bottle of Gatorade everyday because of being dehydrated. If I drink it for breakfast, I go straight up like that. If I drink it for lunch or dinner, it doesn’t phase me. If your husband didn’t eat the other half of the banana, try it later and see what happens.

  3. Gah.
    That’s me, every single day.
    Eat oatmeal, 2 hours soar up into the stratosphere of blood sugar hell and 2 hours later I’m almost low.
    I don’t get it.

  4. I hate breakfast. I cannot find something that I can eat quickly that doesn’t give me the world’s worst graph.

    I’ve also noticed that the shape of the Dex graph depends on where on my body it is located. My arm site graphs tend to be more sharp. It seems to take it longer to respond to what it going on so then it flies up or down to catch up. My stomach sites have smoother curves. I don’t know if it is just me or if it’s happened to others too.

  5. Bananas spike me too, every time. Although you can use it to your advantage – if I’m going out for a run I eat a banana first to keep me from crashing!! 😉

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