the pumpkin donut…

I don’t eat doughnuts very often. I think I’ve had fewer than six this whole year. The farm stand near us is making cider doughnuts on weekends and M brought some home one day. They were still warm… Even nicer, since he was there while they were being made, he had them leave them plain, not coated with sugar. (Yeah, he’s a good guy.)

But today, a coworker went to good ole DD and asked me if I wanted anything. I checked dex and the number was good so I asked for just a plain cake doughnut. She called from the store and they were out. So I chose pumpkin and then looked it up on DD’s site. 340 calories!!! and 38 carbs. Oh gee… I ate it anyway – after testing and bolusing. It was really tasty. (I just looked up the cake doughnut and it’s 33 carbs, so not a lot of difference.)

Within an hour – how high can we go – ummm, pretty high.

Home for lunch, still high – turkey sandwich and the bolus included a one unit correction, so not much, I was surprised. I thought it would be more.

Three hours after lunch I was at 60 something.

I know we can’t predict. I know that every day with diabetes is different.

I will say, I really enjoyed my doughnut today!

Tomorrow night I’ll drive an hour south to meet with the Ping Support Group. I had to miss the summer meeting so I’m looking forward to being there.

2 thoughts on “the pumpkin donut…

  1. ah sweet sweet doughnuts!
    thankful that you enjoyed your doughnut day and hope they don’t happen too often 😉 for your blood sugar’s sake at least.

  2. That doughnut looks good! Sometimes, you just need to have one. I don’t get them too often either, but it is nice to have one once in awhile.

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