My postcard

When Lee Ann announced the postcard exchange I jumped right in.

Then I realized I had to actually make a postcard.

We’re done with kids, we have no grandkids, so therefore – I got rid of crayons, markers, construction paper, Elmer’s glue a long time ago.

Instead I played with some photos on Picasa, using the create collage function. Using MS Publisher I made it all come together and…

Voila! a postcard!

Sort of…

I had some card stock but – how to print it so both sides would print? (And before I printed it I realized I had to move the text stuff to the left so I’d have a space to put the mailing info, duh…)

Somehow I did it and sent the postcard off to Brenda in Oklahoma. She posted a comment on my blog the day she received it and we’ve now found each other on FB. So, a new friend! Thanks Lee Ann!

And today, I received a cute postcard from Brenda – so much more fun than the bills and junk mail that was also in our mailbox.

4 thoughts on “My postcard

  1. The Tolkien quote got me! I LOVE that quote and have used it for years!
    You did a great job despite not having craft supplies. LOVE it!

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