The diabetic diet

First – there’s actually no such thing. We are all different and so, one diet doesn’t work for all of us. Thank God. I think that would be extremely boring.

First thing I was told was, “No white food.” Huh?

I never read (past tense) labels. I never counted calories. And I never did an Atkins, South Beach, grapefruit or any other diet. I drank TAB during my first pregnancy as I grew and grew and grew but switched back to regular as soon as he was born (10lbs, 5.5oz).

I’m not a food fanatic. I like some things, I dislike others. I am not one of those people who can talk forever about a particular restaurant meal. I eat, I enjoy and that’s about it.

Then I was diagnosed in 2005 and so, label ignoring… not any more… well, sometimes…

I’ve learned – by reading blogs!!! (who’d have thunk?) – that I can eat almost anything as long as I’m taking care of myself, and counting carbs, and exercising and injecting the insulin as needed.

I’ve learned some tricks with the insulin and am still learning (ie. the piece of pizza I had for lunch today was somewhat UNDER counted – oh well, live and learn – I guess that should really be “learn and live…”)

I’ve learned how to adapt some of our favorite recipes. One is a salad dressing we make for spinach salad. The recipe calls for sugar, like a cup of sugar. I don’t think so. We experimented with Splenda. It works and we use less than half of the sugar equivalent.

I’ve learned that a smaller plate/bowl really works. Even using a smaller spoon helps. Those small bites taste just as good as the big ones and make a half cup of ice cream seem like a lot more.

I’ve also learned to STOP eating when I’m full. I grew up with “clean your plate” and “there are children starving in China.” (And yes, I always said I’d be happy to give them my lima beans.) Now – I stop eating. And it’s amazing how easy that is once it becomes a habit. I enjoy my smaller meals – soup and half a sandwich is a perfect lunch.

So no “diabetic diet” here. Just working like everyone else to eat healthy food and to enjoy it!

And I even like lima beans now. Who’d have thunk?

5 thoughts on “The diabetic diet

  1. I’m so glad that things are “easier” these days. I would have made a rotten diabetic (pre) carb-counting!) That being said,lower carb/healthy is much easier on the bgs.

  2. Lima beans – say it isn’t so!!!
    I actually did grow to like lentils, but have to limit them now because they’re high in phosphorous (not good for dialysis patients).
    I also used to refuse looking up nutrition info for restaurant meals until after I’d ordered, thinking “it’s a treat and I’m gonna have what I want”. Well, there are always wiser choices to be made, even at KFC.;

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