The Time Stealer

Today I left work and stopped at the local drug store – the only local drug store – to pick up my insulin. I’d ordered it online last night. At 4 I was there and so were many others. So I stood in line, chatted with acquaintances and waited… Gave the tech my name and she finally went to the fridge and pulled out 3 boxes of insulin. This is a monthly order, it should have been 2 boxes. My quick brain is thinking, “Oh boy, I’ll get three for the price (copay) of two!” I couldn’t do it. I told her it was wrong. She looked and said no, it’s correct. I again said – nope, should be only two. So the pharmacist came over and there was a label issue and yes, they goofed.

So I came home with two bottles.

This morning I did the “ordering of the prescriptions, including strips” online. That’s usually pretty simple but – had one that needs a new refill which has to be mailed in after I call the doctor’s office and then go pick up the paper prescription to mail in.

Once I was home after my stop at the drug store, I called Animas to order my pump supplies. I spoke with Dolores, who was very pleasant. This is my first order since the whole Animas mess this summer of cutting back on how many insets/cartridges you could get in one order for a 3 month supply. My endo’s office had rewritten my prescription in September so I could go back to getting 5 boxes every 3 months. They won’t be here for about two weeks because my insurance company has to approve it every time I order. That usually takes about a week and then it’s another week for shipping. I’m not going to complain. It works. I know how it works. I just mark my calendar to call them every 3 months. And Animas is doing better at the calls. I was on hold for less than a minute!

The time stealer is of course, the diabetes.

But – you know that!

4 thoughts on “The Time Stealer

  1. Some days it does feel like a full-time job just keeping up with insurance & supply stuff. You are into overtime when you add in all the testing and calculating insulin doses.

  2. My time steeler the other day was my thyroid meds. I put the prescription in on-line 2 days before totally expecting it to be ready to pick up when I picked up my insulin, but it wasn’t, had to wait 30 minutes, which isn’t that bad, but that was 30 minutes I hadn’t planned on waisting that day.

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