Day 18

You know, for someone who feels good when she blogs once a week… You would think blogging this many times in one month would make me feel even better.

It’s not happening.

But – a whole lot of people have been writing about the newest and approved and soon to be in the good ole USA – Insulin Pump.

I saw Amy’s post first (well, yes…) and sat there with my mouth open. It’s pretty cool looking.

 I’ve gone to the website and looked, and read.

Go – see what you think.

And yup – I’ll be wearing blue tomorrow. I wasn’t sure as our washing machine broke last week and it’s been a long week of no laundry being done. But! Our repair man showed up late this afternoon and it looks like we’ll be sharing an exciting evening of doing laundry together. Oh! How Fun!

Have a great weekend and – I’ll be back with Day 19 tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Day 18

  1. I’m so glad I quit this month. There’s no way it would have been any good.
    I saw that pump on Dmine also. My only concern after MY jaw dropped to and in my head “i want one i want one i want one” was that it seems to be a lot more fragile then our other pumps. That worries me because I put my pump through hell and back.
    Other than that… I WANT ONE!

  2. Must be something in the air because the last 2 days I have so regretted signing up for this.

    I saw that pump also. It looks neat. Hopefully insurance companies will actually cover it – that is always a problem with new things.

  3. My pump warranty is up next month. I’ve been hemming and hawing about which pump to switch to, since I’m currently using a Cozmo. Maybe I’ll wait it out for the t:slim. It’s just exciting to think about having another choice.
    Enjoy your weekend!

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