Thanks to d-bloggers, I’ve become (well, maybe…) quite good at SWAG’ing. What is SWAG you ask? For most d-people it is Scientific Wild Ass Guess.

Counting carbs and determining an insulin bolus should be easy, right? Wrong!

Tonight’s announcement here at home. “Gee, I’m glad I married an accountant.”

We had pork pie for dinner this evening, along with some green beans. Pork pies, aka, tourtieres, are delicious. (If you have time, go to the link.)

This one did have a carb count on it. So far, it doesn’t seem to be working as according to dexcom I’m at 250 with one up arrow. Oh well, it was good and I’ll keep an eye on my BG as the evening progresses.
Sunday morning edit – .35 correction at bed time and woke up at 101. WooHoo!

Math was never my best subject. Having diabetes forces you to use math, like it or not. The Ping makes it easier but – you still need a carb number. Sometimes I know it exactly, sometimes I can approximate and sometimes – – – I do a SWAG.

I can’t believe that staying well/alive depends on my math skills…

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5 Responses to SWAG

  1. Debra says:

    I find that even if I carb count right, I spike fairly high if what I have eaten is made out of white flour. I’ve gotten to where I try to avoid white flour and white rice whenever possible.

  2. Kelly Booth says:

    I had advanced math in school but they handed out calculators. I use one to figure out a lot of “d” stuff! The pies look good!

  3. Kay Dennison says:

    The pork pie looks great!!!! And I don’t envy you all the calculations — I tend to be math-impaired!

  4. Heidi says:

    Yeah it’s odd (slash: cruel twist of the Universe) how the non-math savvy people tend to get diabetes.(I am really bad at math, and yet I get to use all kinds of calculations every single day) Glad your correction was right on track, though. That pork pie looks delish!

  5. kim says:

    i love tourtiere, i love my Ping, i hate math.

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