The diet drink that wasn’t…

Lunch out with friends today at a local restaurant that we go to pretty often…

I normally test before I order just to help me figure out what I can order. I was at 126. One of my friends and I have come up with a great ordering stategy at this restaurant. We each order a cup of soup and together we order one sandwich, which we then split. Our waitress even splits it up on our bill for us, although we don’t ask her to do that. I also ordered a diet soda as did everyone else.

Drinks came and our lunch took a lot longer to arrive. I’d been sipping on the drink while waiting. When the food arrived I was going to do a bolus from the earlier bg but for some reason, did another test. New bg was 177. I knew I could not have jumped that much so I did another test (3 strips in 30 minutes???) and that one was 178. Well, damn! I sat there thinking about my morning. I’d had nothing to eat since breakfast. Dexcom had said I was dropping slowly whenever I checked during the morning.

It had to be the soda. Our waitress knows us. She knows I have diabetes. She’s very good about stressing to the bar person that my drink has to be diet.

This one couldn’t have been.

Thankfully, I had not finished the whole glass, hadn’t even had half. So, I added some extra carbs to my ping thing and let it figure it out. I have to be honest, I don’t even know how many carbs are in a regular coke/pepsi. (39.9 for a 12 oz can of Coke, 42 for Pepsi, according to Calorie King)

The waitress brought me ice water, and took the soda off my bill. I know the owners of the restaurant and will speak to them but, later. It’s a turkey place and they’re pretty busy this week. And regrettably, this is not the first time this has happened (at this restaurant), I think. This is the first time I’ve done a second test though. There have been several instances where I’m unexplainably high after eating there but I have always blamed myself for lousy carb counting or eating too many french fries. And yes, I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll be ordering just water or coffee when I eat there in the future. Or – bring my own diet soda with me! (No, I still can’t taste the difference – I don’t know why???)

In other news – we’re supposed to get lots of snow tonight and tomorrow.

Tonight:Thickening clouds with snow arriving before midnight and continuing overnight, some snow could be heavy overnight with several inches possible by morning. Lows in the upper 20s with east winds near 10 mph.

Wednesday: Snow (heavy at times early) tapering off early in the afternoon, possibly as a wintry mix. Total snowfall of 6-12 inches possible, with locally higher totals along the higher terrain.

We’re not going anywhere for Thanksgiving so that’s okay with me. The husband hit the grocery store today to finish up our list so we’re sort of “good to go.” Well, except for the turkey because we have to pick that up Thanksgiving afternoon at the turkey restaurant. I’m sure we’ll be plowed by then. I hope we’re plowed by then… Yeah, we will be plowed by then.

6 thoughts on “The diet drink that wasn’t…

  1. i absolutely hate when that happens! it has happened to me a few times, and like you, i thought it was just me not calculating carbs properly!
    hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! (have you got chicken in the freezer just in case you’re not plowed by then??)

  2. Colleen, I think the drinks get screwed up more than we would like to think. Somebody posted about taking urine tape to the restaurant to always test the beverage, but I don’t even think they make urine tape any more.
    One of my nephews who worked at Subway said out of carelessness or pranksterism, kids would hook up an entire canister of non diet to the diet hose.

  3. I was told you could use a diastix (like a ketostix, but instead of testing for ketones it tests for sugar), and put a drop of the pop onto it to see if it’s sugar-free or not. Somebody else once suggested that you can use a test strip to test the pop, although I’ve never tried it.

    Thankfully Elise doesn’t drink anything but water, so we don’t have to deal with this!

  4. I usually only order water or bring my own for fear of that very thing happening. Many years ago, loooonngg before diabetes, I went to a mini mart to get my “fully loaded pepsi” the cashier came over to fill up her cup with diet, she took one drink and said “this isn’t right” went to the back then came out and said, “someone put regular pepsi to the diet, I hope someone with diabetes didn’t come in”. That has stuck with me all these years.

  5. I’ve had that happen a few times-its very hard to tell if the drink is diet pepsi, diet coke, or mostly diet w/a slash of something else in it. I will usually order unsweetened tea to get around this. (at a sit-down restaurunt) If it’s a fast food place, I’ll check the diet beverage with my meter (and if it reads “LOW” its generally a safe bet that its diet)

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. I have heard people say that they take the test strips to test glucose in the urine – they still do make those. Like Kathy, I also heard about some places deliberately mixing up the hoses.

    I hope you didn’t get hit too bad with the snow!

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