Nice Day

Today was great! Today was delicious!

Today the Dexcom gave up the ghost. (Nice timing Dex!) It was day 13. I thought about changing it yesterday as it was doing the ??? but a “start new sensor” worked and so, I left it in.

After doing a 1 hour combo bolus for 80 carbs (I know, good grief), and eating the 80 carbs (I skipped the cranberry chutney…), within 30 minutes, Dexcom did its beep, beep, shake, shake thing and tried to tell me I was at 71. I don’t think so… Tested and surprise, it’s 271. Tried another restart but, no luck. So…put in a new sensor.

News Flash! It just beeped for the 2 tests and (drum roll!!!), both were 98 (2 different fingers). I’m doing a happy dance, really.

A couple of days ago, I posted a favorite recipe – Sweet Potato Muffins. There were just three of us so I didn’t double the recipe. It made 9 regular muffins and a dozen mini muffins. They really are good. Here’s a photo.

I’m not going to bed at 98 so… turkey sandwich – yes, thank you!

Less than a week left of NaBloPoMo! Yay!

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