No BFS here…

BFS = Black Friday Shopping

We enjoyed a quiet, peaceful day here in the boonies. I don’t do shopping on Black Friday. I barely do any shopping. Even when we lived in the booming suburb of Overland Park, Kansas where there’s shopping everywhere, I didn’t like to shop. Nearest mall here is an hour away. Although… there’s an outlet mall about 30 minutes away where Briley was today.

I remember saying something to my mom when I was about 10, asking her why she didn’t get a new coat every year like my sister and me. (Well, I did – my sister usually got my old coat.) Mom said that she liked her coat and saw no reason to get a new one.

I get more like my mother every year… I really liked my mom, so it’s good! (I loved her dearly but I really liked her, too. She was fun to hang out with, watch old movies with, share a bottle wine with…)

Good friends who don’t live anywhere near here, usually nag me to shop when I visit. Having a friend go shopping with you makes it all much simpler. I despise trying on clothes but – with a friend along, they’ll go fetch the other size or other color, so it’s not so bad.

And it’s not just clothes. We’re going to be doing some major updating here at the house and I am NOT excited about choosing carpet or decking.

Two weeks ago our washing machine got very sick (water, water, everywhere). I thought we were going to have to buy a new one. It’s old, so is the dryer, and so I started looking online – yuck, I don’t want to do this. Thankfully, the washer could be repaired and I was spared the agony of selecting something new.

I know – this has absolutely nothing to do with diabetes. Well, except for mentioning Briley…

Too bad… It’s Saturday… It’s the end of NaBloPoMo – almost!!!

But – coming next week… Why I will or will not continue using Symlin.

2 thoughts on “No BFS here…

  1. I am not a big shopper either. I just go get what I need and get out of there. I went shopping on Black Friday once – can’t even actually call it shopping. I was home for Thanksgiving and my cousin that lived in MD called my mother & asked if she would go get a toy for her daughter that she couldn’t find. We were in line when the store opened at 6, my mother went to the toy section while I waited up front for her.

    Good luck picking out a washer & dryer – that is always fun!

  2. I normally don’t do the black friday shopping, but I was at my sisters and she wanted to go to the local outlet mall, they were opening with their doorbuster prices at 10:00 pm Thanksgiving night, so by oldest daughter (who is always up for shopping, anytime) and I went with her. Though we were home by 11:45 or so. We got a washer and dryer2 years ago on black friday though it was well into the late afternoon before we went and Home Depot had their sale prices all day. Oh, I love your new blog header : )

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