Please be quiet!

“Please be quiet!” That would be me speaking to my dexcom last night, at 2am. And that’s not what I really said but…

I tried to ignore it but got up and tested to discover that yes, I was high, 288.

Plugged the number into the Ping. Did the correction. Then went back to bed. No math to do at 2am, thanks to the Ping.

But – until the number went below 200, it continued to buzz and I continued to hit the clear button.

I’m glad it woke me up. Sort of… Well, of course I am.

Morning bg was 140 at 6:30, so it worked. And I was happy to have been awake in the middle of the night, rather than waking up to some horrific, gargantuan number.

Diabetes is an annoying disease. But you know that.

1 thought on “Please be quiet!

  1. Those 2 Am wake-up calls are always fun. You always wonder whether or not you should just shut it off but if you keep going higher, then that isn’t good either.

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