Where’s the Beep?

We keep many batteries in this home of ours. Even more than we used to have, when the boys were little (early 80’s) and just a few of their toys required batteries.

We have recharging cords everywhere. The phone cord is in the kitchen. The Dexcom cord is here at the computer.

Yesterday, M hopped off the sofa and announced, “Time to change the battery. I can hear it beeping.” Well, I’m wearing the pump and it’s not beeping. My meter is over on the kitchen counter and it’s not beeping. I looked at Dexcom and it’s not beeping. Phones are charged so neither was beeping. So I looked up and said, “I’m not beeping.”

It was one of the smoke alarms. There are three of them. It always takes awhile to figure out which one is beeping.

Even better, I got to say, “I told you so…”

The day before, we’d changed the lightbulbs in the hallway. It’s easy but we use the step-ladder and the glass shades are dusty and buggy so I wash them. As we finished up, I said, “We didn’t change the smoke alarm batteries when the time changed, we should do that now.” But we didn’t…

While thinking about our reliance on batteries I was reminded of an especially obnoxious toy that I bought our youngest son one Christmas long ago. We put it under the tree and put in fresh new batteries and this “thing” started up. I hit the on/off switch and nothing happened. It still made noise and rolled around the floor. I was sure it was going to wake up the kids. So we took the batteries out. The next morning the kid loved it when we put the batteries back in but it still wouldn’t shut off. I did replace it (big mistake). He enjoyed for it awhile and then I think it mercifully died. (Just looked for it on eBay and somebody has one on there for $79.99.)

Photo – Jannaksblog.blogspot.com

It was called the Tuneyville Choo Choo. I found a 23 second video of one and even with only 23 seconds, you will quickly agree that no one should own one of these. Maybe if the Dexcom sounded like this, fewer of us would sleep through the alarm???

My Ping is going to need a new battery soon. I’m hoping it won’t start beeping until I’m ready to do a set change.

NaBloPoMo – 2 days left!

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  1. I had one of those “trains”, and if I remember correctly, it did annoy my mom after awhile.

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