Symlin, Yes or No?

I tried it. The low, low dose (15) did nothing. But there was no nausea or other problems.
Went to 30 and I could see a difference in my numbers, when I used it, but that wasn’t too often. And I didn’t experience the nausea, still (which is a plus).
We went on vacation and I brought the Symlin with me. I never used it. I was already doing far too much guesstimating on carbs and I worried that I’d have a problem.

To be honest… I’m not sure I need it.

  • One of the uses for Symlin is that you’ll use less insulin. I don’t use much on a daily basis.
  • A “non-use” is Symlin will help you lose weight (because it makes you feel fuller and so, you eat less). I don’t eat that much. I’m okay with my weight.
  • Symlin is supposed to help you avoid the “spikes.” I didn’t use it enough to see that.
  • You’re supposed to eat at least 30 carbs at a meal when you use Symlin. I don’t do that except at dinner, usually…

I’ve got an unused Symlin pen in the fridge so maybe I’ll try it again to see how it goes.

I thank George, Scott and Hannah for taking the time to share their advice.

The other thing… Symlin is not cheap. I’m in my early (very early!) 60’s and I have to think about how we will pay for it when I stop working and… not on a group insurance plan. I am pretty sure Medicare won’t cover it. At this time Medicare doesn’t cover a CGMS, and I love my Dexcom. If I have to make a choice, I will choose the Dexcom.

3 thoughts on “Symlin, Yes or No?

  1. Yikes-that does look expensive. I tried Symlin once and it was a non-stop low parade. But I would agree,if its really not doing much for you there are other things you’d rather be spending your money on, I’m sure.(The Dex is much more useful towards better control) Hopefully Medicare will cover them in the future.

  2. I have never tried it but if you don’t feel you need it, then it is probably not worth the expense. Some of the Medicare plans will cover the Dex, but you still have to fight for it.

  3. I tried Symlin once while I was trial-ing a DexCom. I wouldn’t do it without, because as Heidi mentioned, the lows are CRAZY!

    To me, at this point in my management, it isn’t worth it to me.

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