Well, I just didn’t know what to do with myself last night. Didn’t have to blog and so, you’d think I’d clean a bathroom or do something constructive. Nope, caught up on blog reading and blog commenting.

Also went over to BlogHer to see if there was a silly badge that would say to the world, “Yay! I did it!” There’s no badge… So you get to see the old badge from 2009.

Then, after determining that the WP theme of twentyeleven, which I really like, won’t let me show a sidebar on post pages, etc…, I switched it all back to twentyten.

I did, finally, upload my pump to Diasend. I like the charts and tables. I haven’t looked at my numbers since September when I saw my CDE. I used to constantly upload and look. Not so much anymore. I should probably get back to looking at them (the numbers) more often.

Today I was going to call Dexcom and whine about the sensor I have on right now. But, it must have “sensed” (hee, hee) that I was going to do that because it’s been perfect all day long. I put this one on last Thursday evening – yeah, right after the turkey, etc… I went ahead and did a restart this afternoon, so I’ll see how it goes… I know some people can keep one going forever but, I’m usually lucky to get two weeks out of one sensor. And yes, I do know we’re only supposed to use it for seven days. But – if it’s working well I really, really hate to start a new one.

We had lunch at the turkey restaurant today – the one where I’m pretty sure I didn’t get diet soda the week before Thanksgiving. I spoke with the hostess and she apologized but was pretty clueless. She did say that the bartender is very good about using diet when that’s what ordered. I then explained to her that if the wrong soda stuff was plugged into the diet nozzle, then it could be a problem, an annoying problem, as in “I have diabetes and getting a regular soda is not a good thing for me.” She’d never thought about that. I’m now drinking water or coffee when there. Numbers were great today after my lunch. Hmmm…

And finally… One of the nicest things about the d-bloggers is — most of you are younger than me. And… I find myself listening to music that you’ve posted and I wouldn’t ordinarily hear. We live in the boonies and just finding a clear radio station is a challenge. And a station that plays something other than classic oldies (I love classic oldies but even I get tired of Layla after a while) or elevator music is even more of a challenge. Today Allison posted a song and I really like it. In fact I’m going to go look for more by this artist.

Woo Hoo! Dexcom just requested its two readings. Right hand – 106. Left hand – 109. Husband’s comment, “Don’t you love it when two tests come together?”  If you aren’t sure what he’s talking about – click here. 🙂 And just call him Hannibal Smith!

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