We Need a Little Christmas…

We need some Christmas around here. Yes, we had some snow but – snow on Halloween was/is not my idea of Christmas.

We don’t have the tree up nor do we have anything else up/out/on display. It’s terrible.

We’ll get there, hopefully this weekend.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided the h*** with it and I’m baking cookies this year. I haven’t made Christmas cookies since 2005. (Ummm, 2005, “You have diabetes…”) It sucks. There’s just the two of us so it’s not like I need to make tons and tons. Just enough so I can have a few, and remember the “old” days when eating a frosted sugar cookie didn’t involve math.

Is there a website where you can put in recipe ingredients and get a carb count? Or do I have to do the math? If there’s not one, would one you math whiz people develop one?

A favorite story. Many, many years ago when the boys were little and would help with the cookie cutting and frosting at Christmas, we had a rule that you could only snack on the broken cookies. My mother-in-law was visiting and there weren’t too many broken cookies to chomp on. So I took a tray of cooled, unfrosted cookies and dropped the tray on the table. They broke. The boys were delighted (so was I), the mother-in-law confirmed that I was nuts. I can still see the kids’ faces when I said, “Oops, guess we’ll have to eat those now!”

And I’m NOT going to use Splenda! So, there!

(Lab work will be done next week so A1c will be out of the way for 3 months…)

6 thoughts on “We Need a Little Christmas…

  1. I hope you make spritz – always my favorite. About ten years ago they came out with an electric spritz gun that would shoot out a premeasured amount of dough so you got consistently even cookies – go figure.

  2. I make cookies every year. In February when I was diagnosed I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it this year, or have to substitute with Splenda. However, over the course of my 10 months learning to live with D I have learned that the white flour is just as bad on my BG as the sugar. I have also learned that I CAN make and eat my cookies, I just eat one at my bedtime snack. Yes, I only eat one with a cup of milk, but at least I can enjoy them. I’m not on a pump so I only bolus at meal time. I have yet to find something that is worth the extra shot and the calculations to figure out how much IOB. So I too plan to start baking soon, because some of the fun is in the baking.

    • Exactly – baking and flour covered counters and sprinkles on the floor are all part of the fun! Best though are the memories…

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