Bolus Worthy

A good friend at church gave this to M today. As she handed it to him she apologized that I might not be able to enjoy her gift. M quickly and politely explained that I would definitely enjoy her goodies with some careful counting and timing of the eating of the cookies.

I called her tonight to let her know that the 3 (two at lunch, one w/ coffee this evening) I’ve tried were totally bolus worthy. I then explained to her that if something is bolus worthy, it really has to be delicious. After explaining what a bolus is, she said, “You have to take insulin every time you eat one?” So, one more person educated about just one part of managing living with diabetes.

I thanked her for giving us cookies. She’s even going to share recipes! (Which should make it easier to carb guess.)

I finally figured out “tags.” About time… They’re pretty cool.

And yes, we have “a little Christmas.” Tree is up! More on that, later.

2 thoughts on “Bolus Worthy

  1. They do look totally bolus-worthy!! And good for you and your awesome husband for helping to spread some diabetes education! 🙂

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