Hits, hits and more hits…

I’m not a famous d-blogger. I have d-friends who visit my blog. I even have a couple of non-d-friends who visit.

But this week, people from all over the world have been going to one post. This one. The End. They’re not leaving comments but they’ve been there. I couldn’t figure out why. I worried that I was stuck on “next blog.” That’s why I left my old blog as it was stuck in a never-ending circle of “next blog.” And yes, I know there’s no “next blog” on WordPress.

So, went to the handy, dandy stat info on WordPress and found that they’re getting here by searching “the end.”

the end 151

Why are so many people searching “The End?”

My advice… If you have ads or whatever that count hits, title a post, “The End.” Looking at it some more… it’s the graphic… this one… maybe I should add it to each post?!

3 thoughts on “Hits, hits and more hits…

  1. 🙂 I’ve had that happen, indeed – enjoy the “fame”. (Last year, I wrote a post entitled “Winter Solstice” on the exact day, and it was a “Top Tweet”….most visited day ever.)

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