Pizza! I did it!

I really enjoy pizza but… we all know that it can be one of the tougher things to handle with diabetes.

We have a local Italian restaurant that frequently has a lunch special of a piece of pizza with one topping, a salad and a drink for $6.50. It’s not a small piece and I’ve struggled to figure out the bolus.

And today, by George, I think I did it! I gave the pizza a 45, did a two hour Ping combo with 25% at the beginning and the rest over the next hour and a half. Dex went to ??? once it hit 200 but I tested and Ping didn’t want more insulin. Dinner time and I’m at 123. Might up it a little the next time but, not so bad. And the pizza and salad were yummy.

It’s the small victories that make me do a happy dance.

Meanwhile, from the land of Huh?, endo #2’s office left a message last week asking me to call as they’d received a refill request for my insulin. They wanted to speak with me before authorizing the refill. So I called. I had let them know in June that I was switching offices (to endo #3) so I was somewhat perplexed. Turns out the request came from a drug store in another town in New Hampshire. It was my name, my birthdate, my address. But I’ve never used that drugstore. Very strange…

Another ornament on our tree… Yes, we’re tacky…

5 thoughts on “Pizza! I did it!

  1. Glad you figured it out, I need to figure it out on MDI, haven’t had pizza in a long time because I just don’t want to deal with it.

  2. don’t you just love it when it all seems to come together?! i struggle with mashed potatoes. sometimes i hit it right on and others……

  3. I not only think the pharmacy thing is strange, but scary. When Express Scripts erroneously delivered the anti-psychotic meds to me I was relieved that they prescription wasn’t in my name – who knows what situation might come up in the future where I could have gotten branded as being mentally unstable if the script had been in my name?
    Oh, and pizza is the ultimate mystery. and bagels…and rice….yada yada yada

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