About the Dexcom

I’ve been using a Dexcom CGMS for almost six months.

I like it most of the time.

I still dread inserting it.

I felt especially stupid when I removed one and without thinking, dropped it into the trash can. Yeah, with the sensor still attached. (Saved it…)

The past three days my bgs have been higher than I’m used to and thankfully, it has alerted me. Lots of correcting going on.

Of course, I know the real reason the bg is higher. Lab work, tomorrow. At 7am! Our local lab, just 5 minutes away, now lets us make appointments! It’s soooooo nice. Much nicer than sitting in a crowded room waiting for your turn with a body that really wants some coffee.

Meanwhile, with the help of the DOC, I learned how to insert the Dexcom. And even better, I learned how to keep it stuck to my body. And then, thanks to Lorraine, I learned how to get it unstuck.

The tape I use is Opsite Flexifix. It’s amazing stuff. At first I was just cutting strips of it to go around the transmitter. And then someone, I can’t remember who…, wrote about using a template and an exacto knife. So I tried that a couple of weeks ago and it’s pretty nifty. Even nicer, I cut several and now have a couple ready for use when needed.

Goofiest part of using the tape? I didn’t realize at first that the green stripey stuff peels off. Duh…

Photo Credit: Six Until Me

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  1. I love that tape (and may have been the one that wrote about the template on Diabetes Daily). I cut my pieces a little bigger than yours because I get a little OCD when things start to peel.

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