The Dexcom Saga for this week

??? My least favorite Dexcom message.

Inserted a new sensor last Thursday. No problems, easy, peasy.

On Friday, nothing but question marks, for 3+ hours. I did a restart, it worked for 30 minutes and then, ???. So I called and they said, “It’s bad.” Got the lot number (I’d saved it!), and scheduled the sending of the replacement. She said I’d have to put in a new one. I really hate doing that. So I gave it one more chance. And it worked! Sort of… Lots of recalibrating each day but… Thank God these things don’t have a voice. Can you imagine? “Recalibrating…” (in a GPS type voice…???)

This morning at 5am, it woke me to say I was 42. Got up, tested, 105. Stayed up, drank coffee and took pictures of the sunrise.

This afternoon it ??? again and I took it off. I kept reaching into my pocket for the receiver to check my bg. No receiver – no sensor – – – Put in a new one this evening.

Meanwhile… On Monday I ordered my 3 month supply of sensors. They arrived today. The replacement sensor is, according to FedEx, on a truck somewhere in our area but, not here yet. Very strange.

Ok – I’m stupid. Just looked at it to see how much longer I had before I can calibrate, and… Yup, forgot to hit the start sensor button. Yup, I’m stupid – or tired – or whatever.

And coming soon. Turns out our favorite “You Can Do This” blogger, aka Kim, graduated from high school with our youngest son.

1 thought on “The Dexcom Saga for this week

  1. Dexcom woke you up so you could take those beautiful pictures of the sunrise and share them with us!

    I once had two different FedEx guys show up on the same day.

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