Endo #4 & it’s not my decision.

Well, this sucks.

Called Endo #3’s office last week to make an appointment for March. She’s the great APRN/CDE physician I found in June last year. I drove home singing happy songs after our first appointment. I saw her again in September and it was another great appointment. She is a definite “I can do this” person. She’s also Type 1.

Well, she’s gone.

I didn’t ask, just stuttered (it’s not the receptionist’s fault) and agreed to see the Endo in that office. I then contacted my Animas contact, and the CDE I love (that insurance won’t pay for). Neither of them had any clue that she was gone, let alone where she’s gone. I’m hoping to find out what happened.

But you know, it sucks. It’s not fair. This finding an Endo thing is the pits. Living in the boonies makes it even worse. There is one endo in the town near us. He was nice. He’s the first person who said “Lada” to me but, his goal was, “We’ll work to keep you from taking shots as long as possible.” AND – wouldn’t do the Lada testing (which I wouldn’t have known about except for the DOC). He said it wouldn’t change my treatment, was expensive and so made no sense. I switched.

Endo #2 (a CDE/APRN) was also pleasant. Did the tests. Changed my diagnosis. But – we just didn’t seem to click. Actually, I think she thought I was a little nuts. Oh well, story of my life. She IS the one who started me pumping, after I asked… She also didn’t do the training and that’s how I ended up working with a CDE in the Diabetes Education Office. We clicked and I’d be happy to work with her but, insurance won’t pay for that as she’s not in an endo’s office. Although, insurance will pay for nutrition appointments…

So now I will see Endo #4. Four physicians in just about seven years. As I’ve written before, I don’t do this – this doctor changing stuff… But… as I learned while raising children, we HAVE to advocate for our children and if we’re going to do that, why not ourselves?

And yup, Christmas was awesome and a lovely day. I ate too much and have the numbers to prove it (and I’m not taking a Dexcom photo!) but as I write this, it’s down to 133 so, not so bad.

Nicest part of the day? Woke up at 59 and had OJ and a cookie at 6am! Merry Christmas to me! See, there is a Santa Claus!

And just for fun. The first year we were married – I called my parents on Christmas morning and asked, “Is it time to get up yet?” I can still hear their laughter.

5 thoughts on “Endo #4 & it’s not my decision.

  1. Good for you for advocating for yourself! I have easily been through 4 endos in seven years. I am not a complainer, but I think it is important to have a smart, kind, doctor who listens. Yes, I think all three qualities are neccesary. It is upsetting when one that we have found and like leaves the practice. I spent a year interviewing doctors that I would work with during pregnancy. I finally found this great MFM specialist that focused on diabetes. He was kind and seemed to get diabetes. I like the cde in his office. I was so happy. I get pregnant and call the office and they tell me he took a promotion and is moving to Ohio. I was so upset. Then I met with his replacement and hated him, so I found another doctor. So exhausting and frustrating.

    Good luck and good job advocating for yourself!

  2. I am sorry that happened Colleen. I have yet to find an endo that like since I moved back here. I am starting to think there aren’t any good ones out there.

    I won’t tell you what my BS was this AM when I got up!

  3. But aren’t they obligated to tell you where she went (if you ask)? Call the State Board of Medical Practice.
    Maybe she’s still within driving distance. There’s got to be a way you can find her.
    I would be a basket case if my kidney doc went somewhere else. He and I are well-clicked and it would be so discouraging to start fresh with somebody else. That’s a big bah-humbug if I ever heard one!
    45 degrees here today. People jogging wearing shorts. My brain/body sync is so confused with the short days and warm weather, not to mention Xmas falling on a weekend and now our family Christmas tomorrow (Tue). Yikes! Send somebody over to screw my head on straight.

  4. Colleen:
    I am sorry you are going through Endo’s so quickly. I am in the city and considering changing Endo’s myself and I can tell you it’s still not easy!

    Thanks for the laugh about the glass of Oj and Cookie for breakfast! That’s my favorite part about getting low is the short term to get it high again!

    Reading your blog for the first time, I can tell you thank you for a little bit of relief knowing I’m not alone. 🙂

    -Charli Morris.

  5. Oh no!!!!! Having an endo that you click with is so so important, and I’m sorry you are on the search again. Four endos in two years is a really bad stroke of luck. 😦 I hope your endo journey draws to a close soon!!

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