Dexcom at night

Last night – not much sleeping for me.

I was in bed early, really early, totally sleepy. I read for awhile and slept while M and our son watched football.

At 10:30 Dexcom woke me, as it beeped and said I was 47. Tested, and nope, 173. Ping suggested a small correction but I decided not to do that. At 12:30am… our son is standing at the bedroom door trying to wake me. He said something kept beeping from our room. Dexcom said 337.
First thought – damn, should have done the correction.
Second thought – (remember, it’s the middle of the night) test, stupid.
Test – 123

And then, I’m wide awake. The body thinks it’s had a lovely New Year nap and it’s not going back to sleep. And it didn’t until after 3am.

Then, being the creature of habit that I am. I woke up at 6am. The sunrise was pretty… Didn’t take a picture though…

I’m very appreciative of having a Dexcom. And yes, this one is on Day 10. But today, it was almost eerily matched up with meter tests. So I’m not sure what happened last night (that could sound ominous but I’ve been married for 37+ years…).

I was going to change it (and you know how much I abhor putting in a new one…) but, didn’t. I’ll give it another day and see if I get some sleep tonight.

Son has flown home. Hope I wake up if there’s a buzz, buzz, beep, beep.

3 thoughts on “Dexcom at night

  1. It’s like Dex went out for a wild night or something! ROGUE!

    Well, I’m glad to hear things are matching up a little nicer today 🙂

  2. This happens to me, too, and I’m a typically a bit stubborn about changing the sensor out. “I think I can get one more day out of it…” 🙂

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