How many carbs in Grandma’s Mac & Cheese?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that it would be nice if there was a website that figured out carbs in recipes. I know, there are lots of food sites that have that info but I was (notice the was…) looking for something that I could plug a list of ingredients in and “abracadabra!” have it tell me the carbs.

I found one. I think it’s pretty good. Not only can you put in your own list of ingredients, you can also give it a url and it figures out the nutrition info for an online recipe. You can also set the number of servings for your recipe.

It does a whole lot of other stuff, too, but for now, I’ve just used the nutrition info.

I put in our standard company breakfast casserole, “Make Ahead Company Breakfast” and here are the results. They’re about what I’d guessed so I felt pretty good about that.
The website is: Say Mmm

The page I’ve shown above is:

They have a blog. Here’s the post about the nutritional info:

And now – while it’s cold and maybe it will snow some day (NH really needs some snow…), I’ll haul out some of my old recipes (the before D recipes) and see what I can do with them. And yes, there will still be some tweaking to do but, I can do that.

6 thoughts on “How many carbs in Grandma’s Mac & Cheese?

  1. i love to cook! i search for and try new recipes all the time. my problem is many of them do NOT have any nutritional info. this sounds like a great site to visit and plug in some of my favourites and see how close my calculations come. thanks for the great info! i’ll let you know how i make out.

  2. That is pretty neat! I have always wondered if something like that exists, just have never bothered to look it up! Thanks for posting this!:)

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