Wordless Wednesday 1/18/12

Do these things really expire?

As a new d-person 5 oops, 6 years ago – no, it’s coming up on 7 years ago (time sure flies when you’re having fun), I ordered them each time I ordered strips. Then I learned (thank you DOC) that people don’t change them every time they test. AHA!

I’ve started changing them more often. My finger said, “Thank You!” this morning.

So I have a lot…

Good thing I’m wordless this evening, huh? Oh well…

3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 1/18/12

  1. I guess you get to be the test case to see if they expire or not! My supplier once sent me 18 boxes of the Multiclix lancets. That was like a lifetime supply of those things. I sent all but one back.

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