The NeverEnding Story

I remember our sons watching The NeverEnding Story.

Now, I feel like I’m living it, sort of, kind of… because, I’ll be testing, counting, dosing, you know the rest, for the rest of my life. That sucks.

And to be honest, I’m late to this d-stuff so I always hesitate to whine even just a little.  But then, I’m not usually so upset about myself, it’s what the “long timers” are going through that makes me think what it’s really like to live with diabetes for so many years. And it seems that this week is a tough one for many of our blogging buddies.

I entered college as an Elementary Education Major. I had always wanted to be a teacher. I changed my major to Special Education and then spent a summer at Camp Easter Seal outside of Roanoke, VA. My goal in working at the camp was to get some idea of the children’s lives outside of the schoolroom. I did. Camp was awesome and I learned so very much about all sorts of children, all sorts of disabilities. I think it made me a better teacher. Children with special needs and their families also live in a NeverEnding Story. I was always awed by the strength of the children and their parents. They work so very hard.

I was just as awed by the determination of my students when I taught in Virginia. They tried and tried, and sometimes, they got it! They really got it!

Having that in my background has helped me, somewhat, to accept this d-stuff. I do the best I can. Sometimes I’m good, and sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get the hang of keeping myself alive. That’s scary – the keeping alive part.

Finally, my point, I hope…

I’m grateful for the bloggers who share their struggles about living with diabetes. You let me know that it’s okay to make mistakes. You let me know that it’s okay to feel frustrated. You let me know that it’s okay to be scared. And most importantly, you let me know that I’m not the only one who __________ (fill in the blank).

It’s important that we write about the good stuff too – the smiles in our days. And I will continue to do that, also.

Like today – couldn’t go home for lunch (the renovating continues), no one to go to lunch with so… BIG confession here… I picked up lunch at McDonalds and nope, didn’t get a salad. It was good. It was a lot of insulin but – – – I won’t do it again for a while…

And so, my story continues…


6 thoughts on “The NeverEnding Story

  1. Yep – it’s the Never ending story for most of us it seems. Well, make that all really – everyone with type 1 diabetes. Millions of people out there. Same routine that unfortunately does not have any end sign.

    It’s up to us to change things though. We can (and have) waited forever for the pharma companies, the foundations to work on a cure…but nothing is really coming. No great success has come about from people doing nothing – but we need to seek and inspire people to make their voices heard and stand up for our cause. The story “ends” (in a positive way) with a cure – let’s make it happen.

  2. Hey!!!! We all have a never-ending story of one kind or another. I woke up with a new wrinkle, twist, or whatever in mine today. I’ll know more after I see the doc in the morning. Pray.

  3. day in and day out. We struggle, we fight and we continue to work our butts off at keeping ourselves alive. It’s not fun nor is it easy. This was a great post, thanks for sharing. And yeah, it seems like a lot of folks in the DOC are having a super difficult time.

  4. I love it when you “complain.” (I don’t really think you complain, I think you are honest about the struggles of trying to maintain some control over an unpredictable disease.) I think being open and talking about the hard stuff and the failures makes the times that we do succeed so much sweeter. I often read your posts and think two things: 1. I wish I knew this woman in real life she seems super funky. 2. That this D stuff is hard and I should give myself some credit for all the hard work that doesn’t really get any recognition.

    Thank you for writing.

  5. my son’s first date (he was in jr. kindergarten, he’s 28 now) was lunch with a little girl in his class and an afternoon spent watching the Never Ending Story! and yes, diabetes, no matter what type, is also that. NEVER. ENDING.
    but we carry on, persevere, do what ever we must. its okay to rant. and reading others rants, can be very therapuetic. and reading about the good things, the wins, well that can help carry us forward. it lets us know we are not alone, and we will get through this, no matter what.
    thanks for sharing, Colleen. you keep inspiring us!
    p.s. every now and then even McDonalds can be medicine! and to quote Sheryl Crowe “if it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad”!!

  6. That sounds like a soap opera! You have just as much right to complain as anyone else. I really don’t think senority matters when you are dealing with the same crap as everyone else. It must be McD lunch week because another D-friend posted a pic of her McD fries in FB this week. You guys are making me hungry!

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