Pop Quiz

The question for the quiz.

Your blood sugar is high because ________.

Select answer below.

1. Your inset is bad
2. You ate a cookie
3. Your insulin is bad
4. That’s life with d
5. Any one of several other possibilities

As most of you know, the answer can be all of the above or 1 – 2 – 3 – or 4, or a combination of any 2 or 3. You get an A+ no matter which answer you chose!

This past week I couldn’t figure it out. Ate a salad – went to 200. Ate the same breakfast – went to 200 for several days in a row. Pulled the inset and that looked okay. Ordered Girl Scout cookies but I don’t think just looking at the pictures counts. Changed out the cartridge and filled it with insulin (hint – from the same vial).

Finally, yesterday, I threw out the old vial (which stays in the fridge and even if it didn’t, it’s not like it’s real hot right now in New Hampshire) and opened a new one. I really hate throwing out insulin. I’m cheap and it just feels like I’m throwing money in the trash can. Oh well.

Ta Da! Using the brand new vial worked.

I’m now back to my normal, hum drum, but happy cruising with d.

Well, sort of… Dexcom is on day 12 and has done pretty good but this morning – AT 4AM – it did the beep, beep, buzz, buzz thing to tell me I was 79. I have a habit of liking to sleep so I calmly told it, “That’s okay.” And no, didn’t even look to see if there was an arrow. (Remember, it’s 4am) Next thing I know, it’s screeching again (remember when I couldn’t hear it when I first got it?) and this time it’s at 50 something. I got up and tested – meter says 140 something. I’m awake, fix the coffee and the day begins.

6 thoughts on “Pop Quiz

  1. All of the above was my answer. If you had done a, b, c or d, I would have picked d for diabetes! You have to love those early morning wake up calls.

  2. Oh man, I forgot about Girl Scout Cookies! When I was still working we always had order forms on the table in the lunchroom. Then, one guys kid got smart and came up to the office and personally spoke with everyone. How could you say no to an adorable little girl in person. So I guess I won’t be tempted (although I have seen card tables set up in shopping malls…..)
    Actually, I did have a Whole Foods chocolate chip cookie with supper, but my bg is not high because I walked home from the store…….

  3. Ugh, playing “why do I keep going high” is one of my least favorite dia-games. I’ve been playing it this week too – my guesses are stress and hormones . . . .but maybe I should try a new bottle of insulin too!!

  4. i never think about trying a new bottle of insulin when i am running high. i, like you, hate throwing out D-supplies. it seems so wasteful when i know there are some out there that can’t afford supplies. however, i may try that next time D decides not to play nicely in the high BG department!

  5. I hate these pop quizzes.

    With a passion!

    Glad the new vial worked…may it remain as potent as ever down to the last drop!

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