The Initializing Dexcom

After having my easiest, simplest, painless Dexcom insertion on Saturday…

It failed.

It’s not fair.

It failed fast, like within an hour of insertion. It jumped up to 220 within minutes of entering the two initial numbers. The two numbers – 99 and 101. Then it initialized and went nuts. Then it went to the dreaded ???. I reset it and gave it a couple of hours but no go. I took it out and put in a new one. Called Dexcom (always fun on the weekend). While talking to the guy, I mentioned that my receiver initializes about 3 times a week on average. He said that’s normal.

Anyway, they called again this afternoon and will replace the sensor. I also asked again about the initializing. He said it’s probable that there’s too much static electricity with keeping it in my pocket and using the skin. He told me it would be better to keep the receiver in the black case with the belt clip. I said nope! Two problems – it’s annoying and I don’t always wear a belt.

So – I need your help!

Does your Dexcom do the initializing thing as often as mine?

4 thoughts on “The Initializing Dexcom

  1. Mine doesn’t do that at all (and watch it start tonight!). I had my brother take the clip off the black case because I didn’t trust using it on a belt and it is was too bulky with the clip on. I was using a Spibelt but now that I am allergic to spandex,. I had to quit using that. I am mostly keeping it in my pocket in the black case.

  2. I have gotten them replaced for initializing like that. I do not think it is normal. Mine would like go back to a blank screen after blanking out. I would start calling each time it occurs and complaining.

  3. Mine does that too. You’ll notice that it does it more often in winter than in the summer, presumably because of the drier air and increased static. I had a receiver that was initializing multiple times a day and they replaced it but made the same recommendation that they did for you. Like you, I refuse to wear the stupid black belt clip thing but I found that the using the silicon skins that they sell (and still keeping the receiver in my pocket) has helped to decrease the frequency of these restarts.

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