A few words Wednesday 2/8/12

Frost Heaves…
Tough on your car’s shock absorbers…
Even tougher on the person/people in the car…
Driving around the bumps and holes is like being on an impossible obstacle course!
Sorta like navigating with diabetes. You never know when you’ll hit a bump in the road.

2 thoughts on “A few words Wednesday 2/8/12

  1. Or when some big blizzard will come out of nowhere and put everything to a grinding halt. Like the time I was going to go with my sister to China to get her baby and had an eye hemorrhage 10 days before departure. (I stayed home, until the proverbial roads were plowed………)

  2. At least they aren’t bumps in the night! The bumps in the road are harder to see at night and the blood sugar bumps are more of a pain in the you know what at night!

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